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Makita Impact

Once you stop to consider that the vast majority of impact driving tasks are for the most part, intermittent and spread out around a job site, a cordless Makita impact driver makes perfect sense. The problem for most people though, is they just assume that AC power is required to torque down larger nuts and bolts.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Make a Huge Difference

Nothing could be further from the truth. Also now with the advent of lithium-ion batteries, impact drivers can now carry the juice to keep them going up to four times longer. You see LI batteries charge faster and hold far more electricity than Ni Cads.

The Model BTD142HW 18 Volt Cordless Maktita Impact Driver

Makita s model BTD142HW 18-volt cordless impact is a perfect example of just how far things have come. At 5 ¾ and 2.8 pounds it s actually smaller, lighter and more compact than a standard AC powered impact yet it features strong four pole variable speed motor that packs 1,280 pounds of torque and maxes out at 3,200 rpm.

Charge the Battery in 15 Minutes

If you've had to wait around for batteries on your other cordless tools to charge in the past, you can forget about that with LI batteries, and Makita's new state of the art charger. It's rapid charge setting charges the battery on this impact in 15 minutes, and because it's lithium-ion, and has no memory effect, rapid charge doesn't harm it in the least bit.

Impact Driving is Not a Fun Job

Of course if you've done any amount of work with one of these power tools, you know all too well how hard driving larger nuts and bolts can be on the hands and wrists. After a long day it can leave them aching, and over the long run can lead to more serious problems, like tendinitis.

Super Comfortable Ergonomic Pistol Grip

This is precisely the reason why the Makita impact driver is now made with pistol grip ergonomic handles. They fit your hand like a glove while your fingers wrap comfortably into their individual grooves. It all just makes running these tools so much easier.

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